We are the European manufacturer of natural hard candy drops in cutting-edge designer tins — Jardin Riche. The Jardin Riche brand was born in 2015. Since our objective from the very beginning was to produce high-quality natural candy in a specially designed gift container, one of the most advanced production lines was acquired and installed at the our factory in Suchedniow, Poland. Our manufacturing process is compliant with all European and world standards. The production capacity of our line is 2 million candy tins per month.

Jardin Riche candies are made only of natural ingredients, including entirely natural flavors and colours. Our products do not contain any preservatives or flavor enhancers. To highlight the pure nature of our candy, we produce it in the specially designed shapes of real fruits, berries and coffee beans. Now Jardin Riche candies are available in 5 different flavors.

Tin of Hard Candy Jardin Riche, among other things, is a sweet and simple little gift that will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions. It is also a collectible item and a source of knowledge of the world’s facts, the history of mankind or various other interesting facts, thanks to the collectable magnet that is attached to each candy tin.
On specially designed tins you will find magnets with themes related to personalities, events, locations or holidays of a specific country, as well as World Series. The series range is constantly expanding as a result of cooperation with our customers. The tins themselves are not only functional but also very appealing and can serve you long after the candy is gone.
*The system is protected as intellectual property by a number of international and national patents, utility models, patent designs, industrial designs, 3D trademarks etc.