• Creating our product, we wanted it to be perfect in every way. That is why our designers spent months developing containers for Jardin Riche hard candy drops. The designers were challenged with a goal to create a tin that will serve not only the main purpose – keeping your favorite natural candies safe, but also the aesthetic purpose, so that our product will bring satisfaction and put a smile on your faces.
    We really hope that, as a result of this work, we can offer a package that you can continue using even after the delicious natural candy is gone. You can use Jardin Riche tins at home or at work, because, due to its elegance, it fits perfectly into any decor.
  • Because we want our product to meet expectations of the most demanding customers, we produce Jardin Riche fruit candy drops using only natural ingredients. We believe that only by using the natural sugar of the highest quality we can create candy that will give the absolute satisfaction. That is why we developed unique recipe, which includes only natural sugar, natural flavors and natural colors. Furthermore, Jardin Riche candy does not contain any preservatives and flavor enhancers.
    But that did not seem enough for us. And so, to make sure that Jardin Riche candy becomes the undisputed bestseller, we developed a distinctive shapes for different flavours. For example, candy with strawberry flavor is made in the shape of a strawberry, coffee flavored candy — in the shape of a coffee bean. Jardin Riche candy brings back memories of the childhood. So, we invite everyone to enjoy our sweet masterpieces.

Natural fruit drops

  • We use only natural ingredients for our candy
  • We make our natural candies in the shape of fruits, berries and coffee beans
  • Enjoy nature with Jardin Riche!

Natural hard candy

  • Jardin Riche uses only natural ingredients to make our delicious candies
  • Enjoy the taste of juicy fruits with Jardin Riche fruit drops.